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The City: Salamanca. With a different Spain

We are pleased to offer an amazing destination to learn Spanish: Salamanca. We have selected it by its safety, cultural relevance, and its association with the study of Spanish as a second language.


Salamanca and the river Tormes

Salamanca offers the ideal combination of history, academic focus and purity of language. It has long been associated with learning, and it presents a truly academic environment for international students of Spanish. Most importantly, the Spanish you are going to learn in school is exactly what you will hear on the streets of Salamanca: a pure “castellano” without any dialect which provides the perfect complement to your classroom learning. Salamanca offers all the advantages of a big city but at the same time maintains the friendly atmosphere of a small town.

Hosting annually close to half a million Spanish and foreign tourists, the city council is implementing all possible measures to prevent any type of crime, therefore Salamanca is known in this respect as one of the safest cities in Spain.


Plaza Mayor of Salamanca.

Salamanca Main Square

Salamanca is known as the Golden City because of the material used for the construction of its buildings: sandstone, which provides the golden glow.

The Plaza Mayor of Salamanca is one of the most beautiful baroque squares of the World, a meeting place for students and the local population. Surrounded by two well known mountain chains: Sierra de Gredos in Southwest and Sierra de Francia in the South. One has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nature and to discover typical small villages. Famous cities such as Avila, Segovia, Burgos and Madrid are located within two hours of Salamanca.

Come to Salamanca and you will feel at home!

Panoramic view of Salamanca

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